Office of the Vice-Presidency of Colombia and the National Infrastructure Agency visit Drummond Ltd.

January 27, 2016

The office of the Vice-Presidency of Colombia and the Communications Office of the National Infrastructure Agency (NIA), in the context of the En Marcha (In Motion) program of the National Vice-presidency, chose the port concession contract and railway concession contract of Drummond Ltd. with the aim of underlining the importance of port concessions for our country.

As a result, a team of journalists from the Vice-Presidency of Colombia and representatives of the National Infrastructure Agency (NIA) visited Puerto Drummond, where they became acquainted with the logistical procedures of our port terminal.


José Luis Velásquez, the Operations Manager of the Port, accompanied the tour which included a prolonged tour of the stockpiling yards which allowed the members of the NIA and the Vice-Presidency to have direct contact with the equipment, processes and workers that make the operation possible; among them the unloading of trains, the piling of coal in the yards and the subsequent distribution of it on the conveyor belts that lead directly to the pier.

Likewise, the representatives of these entities acquired close-up knowledge of the progress of our port complex, the direct loading system and the extensive platform constituted by the conveyor belts, which lead directly to the holds of the ships and have rigorous controls with the aim of preventing any spillage of coal into the sea.


The entities also had the opportunity to learn about the social investment programs carried out by Drummond Ltd. through Rosa Barrios Carrillo, representative of the Department for Social Prosperity (DSP), who explained in detail a capitalization project for the fishing communities of Ciénaga, an area of direct influence of the company, that permitted the provision of boats, motors and fishing equipment by the DSP, Drummond Ltd. and another port complex in the region.

Lastly, the members of the NIA and Vice-Presidency recorded, by means of photographs and testimony by our workers, the necessary evidence that Drummond Ltd. has brought and will continue to bring development and opportunities for improvement to our regions of influence.