Our Operations


During the late 1980s, Drummond acquired the mining rights to significant coal reserves in northern Colombia, near La Loma, Cesar. Development commenced in the early 1990s. The characteristics of our Colombian coal compare favorably with those of other internationally marketed steam coals. Drummond’s coal is one of the lowest sulfur and ash coals currently exported from Colombia. Our steam coal meets worldwide sulfur regulations and is also very low in mono-nitrogen oxides emissions, qualities highly desirable to utility plants required to lower these emissions.

Our Colombian mining operation includes the Mina Pribbenow and El Descanso open-pit coal mines located in the Cesar Coal Basin. Today, we own and manage roughly 2 billion tons of reserves in La Loma, El Descanso, Rincόn Hondo, Similoa, and Cerrolargo, the last three are in the process of environmental licensing.

Investment in production infrastructure has allowed us to grow shipments of coal from one million metric tonnes in 1995 to 32.6 metric tonnes in 2016.

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