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Drummond holds a concession from the Colombian government to operate Puerto Drummond, an ocean port located on the Caribbean Sea in Ciénaga, near the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. Puerto Drummond was designed as a high capacity loading and storage facility. 

On March 31, 2014 Drummond carried out its first shipment of coal using the direct ship loading system. With two ship loaders,  Puerto Drummond has an installed capacity of 60 million tons per year.

The transformation of the port, in which US$360 million were invested, includes a direct ship loading system and the expansion of the coal storage yard.

The dock has systems for drainage, containment, and management of industrial wastewater, dust suppression, and water spraying. In addition, the port is certified with ISO 45001 in industrial safety and occupational health, ISO 14001 and is BASC and ISPS certified in physical security and port protection.

For coal that does get stockpiled, our storage yard at Puerto Drummond has a current capacity of approximately 800,000 tons of coal. We also have the capability to sort different qualities of coal and keep separate stockpiles to allow blending when needed to meet customer specifications.

Commercial Port Rules & Regulations

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