Our Operations


As an extension of Drummond’s mining operations, we also operate three rail load out facilities adjacent to our mining sites. Each of these three load out facilities are capable of loading 6,000 metric tons per hour onto rail cars. These facilities are equipped with the latest technology which allows cars to be loaded to desired capacity without overloading, spillage, or delays.

From the rail loading facility, coal is transported 193 kilometers to Puerto Drummond. Drummond owns and operates a fleet of eleven unit trains for the express purpose of coal transport. Each unit train consists of either two or three locomotives and between 124 and 130 gondola cars with a capacity of 50 MT per car. Upon arrival at Puerto Drummond the railcars are unloaded by two rotary dumpers, each equipped with a car indexer.

The section of railway utilized by Drummond  runs on a single line with sidings that have been upgraded to a dual line over 63% of the route. Construction of the remaining parallel line is currently underway and is expected to be complete within the next 2-3 years.