Radio journalists from Bolivar, Atlantico, and Magdalena visit Drummond Ltd.’s port operations

August 31, 2015

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Several representatives from radio stations in the departments of Bolivar, Atlantico, and Magdalena, visit the Fresh Water Pool located inside Drummond Port, site inhabited by diverse flora and fauna species.

“We are thankful for this invitation from the Drummond team, where we have been able to see a different side of the company. The news we’ve always heard are that of a polluting company, one that damages the environment and does not contribute to neighboring communities. But we have seen the flip side of the coin: the social investment and the change that thousands of people who work and have improved their socio-economic situation. Despite the criticism, this company has brought a lot of benefits, especially to the departments of Magdalena and Cesar, where we see it is basically their area of influence.” This was the statement of Edinson Moncada Crespo, journalist for Colmundo Radio in Cartagena, during his visit to the company’s installations.

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During the presentations and the walk-through of the areas, the journalists expressed their concerns with the company’s directives and managers.

During their involvement in a workshop organized by the Company and directed towards radio journalists from the departments of Bolivar, Atlantico, and Magdalena. The attendees had the opportunity to better understand each one of the areas by listening to presentations of several relevant topics of regional and national interest that were conducted by the individuals responsible within Drummond. In this scenario, they were able to appropriately express their concerns and find answers provided by the leaders of the different processes that make up the company.

The workshop lasted two days and began with the explanation of the following topics: communications, communities, the environment, industrial safety, and operations. On the first day the group of journalists had the opportunity to verify the information presented by visiting the different areas. They observed the loading and unloading of trains. They also visited the Fresh Water pool, a flora and fauna reservoir located inside the company’s installations and where diverse bird species live.

Also, the representatives from various media entities learned how coal exports are performed through one of the most modern maritime terminals in Latin America. The attendees were able to verify the Company’s export potential with the direct loading system, and observed the high standards we keep at our port, which is one of the ports with the largest capacity to export coal from Colombia to the rest of the world.

The next day, the journalists continued with the workshop with the following topics:  occupational health, labor relations, and human resources, among others. This allowed the journalists to understand the company’s general outlook.

“I want to recognize the effort Drummond has made in communicating by using the media. The information you have presented is very interesting, from the administrative part to environmental and industrial safety. It is fundamental to find business leaders and a Company that invest in the region and contributes growth”, stated at the end of the workshop the journalist for the La Voz de la Costa radio station, Omar Guerrero.

Through these visits, Drummond Ltd. seeks  to strengthen its social commitment and create a space that allows the public opinion to have access to information of interest and better understand each one of the strategies and programs developed by the Company.