Recent protests by some representatives of the community of El Hatillo

Relative to the recent protests by some representatives of the community of El Hatillo (municipality of El Paso, Cesar), Drummond Ltd. would like to inform the public:

  1. Drummond Ltd. is very interested in expediting the resettlement process, with the corresponding conditions and guarantees. Meeting the schedule not only benefits the communities, but also avoids difficulties and additional costs for all parties involved.
  2. Drummond Ltd., in accordance with what was agreed on with the community of El Hatillo for all the components of the Resettlement Action Plan – RAP (signed in November 2018), has met each and every one of its obligations within the resettlement process for the community of El Hatillo:
    It has signed all of the contracts that are ready to sign. It has deposited each quarter the resources necessary for the optimum development of the project. It actively participates in all arenas required by the project, including with the community, authorities, institutions, operators, and other companies with obligations.
  3. The Company continues to be fully available to engage in open conversation with the representatives of the community of El Hatillo, in order to give continuity to the resettlement process.
  4. Moreover, the Company recognizes and values the proactive and continuous participation of the authorities in this process. The accompaniment of the Municipal Administration, in its capacity as guarantor, is extremely important.
  5. Drummond Ltd. reiterates its commitment to establish all arenas and take all actions necessary to successfully conclude the resettlement process with full respect for the rights of the parties involved.