Residents of the township of El Hatillo in the municipality of El Paso, Cesar thank Drummond for eliminating a landfill

May 23, 2013

Through a letter addressed to Drummond’s Vice President of Mining Operations, Ron Damron, the residents of El Hatillo expressed their appreciation to the company for eliminating an open-air landfill that was affecting the quality of life of the 130 families that live in the area.

“The residents of El Hatillo and the Community Action Board wish to express all of our thanks to Drummond Ltd. and to you for the hard work and economic support that you provided to resolve the environmental problem that had been affecting us. Even though there are other companies in the area, only Drummond Ltd. has really given us a hand to finally solve this problem,” said the residents of this township in the document received by the company.

More than 3,400 cubic meters of garbage were collected and then deposited in a cell measuring 60 meters long, 30 meters wide and 3 meters deep, which was then covered with waterproof material to keep any residue from affecting the ground water. This cell was covered with overburden until it was level with the rest of the site.

Drummond is proud to be able to contribute to improving the quality of life of the residents of the township of El Hatillo.

Drummond, a good neighbor!

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