Search and Rescue Work Continues at Pribbenow Mine

La Loma, June 21, 2017

The search for our employee, German Dario Garcia, continues at the Pribbenow Mine with highly qualified personnel and equipment. Mr. Garcia died after his dozer slid into a sediment pond in an accident at the Pribbenow Mine.

From the moment the accident occurred, the company has spared no human or technical effort, and is working continuously, 24 hours a day, using technical equipment with the latest technology and highly qualified personnel in the search and rescue efforts.

The rescue team consists of a group of approximately 40 people, including a group of engineers and topographers, a group of operators assigned to each technical team, a team of Industrial Safety personnel, medical personnel and Occupational Health personnel. We have also assigned a support and logistics group made up of Engineering, Superintendents, Area Managers and Human Resources.

The technical team and equipment consists of:

– 6 shovels of different dimensions with capacities ranging from 2 mt3 to 42 m3

– 5 Caterpillar 793 240 Ton trucks to haul the material removed

– 2 Bulldozers

– 6 tankers of high pressure to facilitate the permanent wetting of the terrain

– 2 24H motor graders

– 1 prism (prisma) system was installed around the area to monitor all movements inside the pond

– 1 high pressure water system

– 1 rescue team

– Crane logistics equipment

Through the work carried out to date, taking into account the difficult conditions of the terrain where the accident occurred, the water level has been lowered 6 linear meters at the pond where the operator and the equipment are located. Around 35,000 mt3 of material has been removed since the rescue began.

In addition to the above, the company has contracted the services of a magnetometer, a specialized piece of equipment that will define the exact location of the machine where our employee is trapped.

It is also important to note that the company has been in contact with the direct relatives, which include his wife, sons, mother and brother of the employee, through its Human Resources department. Mr. Garcia’s relatives have been continually informed of the progress of the rescue efforts and they have been given access to the rescue site.

Additionally, Drummond has a robust death benefit program to help the family of the worker, which includes financial support, education and health benefits for the direct relatives of the worker. Mr. Garcia’s family will be a beneficiary of this program and they have been informed.

The company appreciates the support received from the employees and union officials during the rescue work.

Drummond reiterates his deepest condolences to the family of German Dario Garcia, as well as his friends and co-workers. The company will spare no efforts or resources to carry out the rescue of the body of German Dario.

The investigation continues to determine the root cause of the accident.

Finally we must clarify, once again, that only this press release and the one issued on June 19, 2017 contain the official position of the company relating to the recent events.