Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility

At Drummond, we continually strive to be a model corporate citizen. We are a company with social commitment and we readily accept our role as a generator of local, regional, and national progress. New schools, better healthcare, and improved job opportunities all contribute to an enhanced quality of life for our employees and their families and neighbors.

Building stronger communities while preserving a local heritage is a part of our pledge to our employees and our neighbors. Drummond’s commitment to community development includes: school construction, establishing health clinics, sponsoring college scholarships, funding job training centers, and building fire departments, among others.

To demonstrate our commitment to Colombia, Drummond has established a community relations department and continues positively impact the local economy. Drummond developed a series of policy strategies and tools that facilitate the improvement of the channels of communication between the company and the communities located in the area of influence. These communication channels allow us to better attend to the questions and concerns that arise about the development of the Mine and Port projects in the departments of Cesar and Magdalena.

Drummond has developed a project to work with departmental and municipal governments to strengthen the most deficient sectors. We designed training programs to involve and encourage citizens to propose solutions to improve living conditions in the region. With important social investments, Drummond has created a “Good Neighbor” policy, in partnership with the community, local entities and NGOs located in the department of Cesar and Magdalena.

Good Neighbor Policy:

–          To guarantee positive conditions of coexistence between Drummond Ltd. and the community

–          To promote, encourage, and implement projects that improve living conditions

–          To maintain continuous contact with the community, civil-corporate organizations, and government entities

Stakeholder Attention System Manual

As part of its community relations policy and with the aim of providing better service to the questions and concerns that come up with respect to carrying out the mining and port projects that take place in the Departments of Cesar and Magdalena, Drummond Ltd. has worked to develop a series of strategies and tools whose purpose is to facilitate and improve the communication channels between the company and the residents of the towns located in the area of influence of its present operations.