Social Responsibility

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Community Attention Policy


It is the policy of DRUMMOND LTD. COLOMBIA – DLTD to conduct its community relations using respectful statements and ongoing dialogue, creating opportunities for communication and responding to the suggestions and concerns that may arise regarding the development of its Mining and Port projects.

The company makes every effort to develop and implement mechanisms that facilitate and encourage the constant improvement of its relationships with the residents of the towns located in the area of influence of its activities in the country.

DRUMMOND LTD. COLOMBIA, has implemented these policies:

  1. Our cornerstone for carrying out activities in the area of influence of our operations in Colombia, includes maintaining relationships with the communities.
  2. We design and implement strategies aimed at facilitating and improving the relationship between the community and the company.
  3. We respond to the requests, suggestions and complaints filed by the communities located in the area of influence of its operations in Colombia based on the criteria of kindness, promptness and efficiency.
  4. We keeps relevant information concerning the development of our Mining and Port projects available to the communities located in the area of influence of its operations in Colombia.
  5. We ensure compliance with the laws applicable to issues that are sensitive to the community, such as taxes and royalties, security and the environment, as well as the obligations established by the relevant authorities.
  6. We periodically evaluate the programs established to facilitate its relationships with the community, measure their effectiveness and establish options for improvement, in compliance with this policy.

Community Services Manual

This manual contains the guidelines to be followed by the residents of the communities located in the area of influence of our projects to submit requests, suggestions and complaints on any topic of interest to them, and the internal process that the company follows to respond to them properly.