Social Responsibility

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Cultural Heritage

In order to protect the rich historical and cultural heritage of Colombia, Drummond has directed several archaeological and cultural initiatives within the areas of influence.


The church is the center of much of Colombia’s cultural heritage and community spirit. To help preserve and support the work done by area churches, we have constructed, outfitted, and made important donations to local cathedrals, seminaries, and parishes.

Archaeological Survey

Before any work commences in a new area of our operations, our archaeological team surveys the area, records any artifacts found, and properly catalogs findings to report them to the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History.

The archaeological survey of El Descanso Zona Norte identified various archaeological sites. These are located in places near the main water sources of the region, which are: the Cesar and Calenturitas rivers, the Caimancito and Mocho channels, and the El Zorro-Platanal stream. Among the artifacts found are urns, pottery and stone tools such as hand axes, mortars and batons.