Social Responsibility

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Drummond has help build, expand, and equip 623 classrooms (public elementary, middle and high schools) to improve the education for children in our areas of influence. In addition, it has help to build and equip 39 school cafeterias that have strengthened child nutrition programs under the national policies of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF in Spanish).

Through our Environmental Classroom and the community relations office, we share our environmental commitment to society, supporting school environmental projects (PRAES) and community projects (PROCEDAS), through logistical support and the donation of various tree species.

Drummond has established the following ongoing education and cultural programs:

  • Teacher training
  • Construction and endowment of computer and virtual classrooms
  • Construction and endowment of laboratories
  • Construction and proper maintenance of school sports fields
  • Child development centers (early childhood programs)
  • Strengthening of music schools (concert bands and Vallenato genre)
  • Endowment and support to dance schools
  • Construction and endowment of libraries

Drummond Ltd. and the United Way of Colombia Partnership:

Drummond Ltd. and the United Way of Colombia are working together to help strengthen the quality of education in Colombia by implementing the Palabrario & Numerario program in 7 schools in the Department of Cesar, in benefit of 5,609 boys and girls and 221 teachers.

Palabrario & Numerario is a nationwide educational program of the United Way of Colombia that seeks to promote the reading and writing skills and the logical mathematical thinking of preschool and elementary students by training and accompanying teachers. The resulting transformation of teachers’ educational practices generates an impact on student learning.
Palabrario & Numerario’s goals in Cesar are to motivate teachers to create significant experiences and connect language and mathematics in learning and teaching processes, improve student performance, and raise the awareness of parents about how important it is to support their children’s educational processes.

Learn more about the Palabrario & Numerario program and the United Way of Colombia at:

In House Courses:

Drummond Ltd. has developed a specialized training program for people from mining municipalities who are interested in becoming heavy equipment operators. Individuals selected to be part of this program enter a contract with the Temporary Services Company. After successfully completing their training, they join the Drummond Ltd. team.
If you are interested in participating in the IN HOUSE training program, you may submit your resume to the office of Drummond Ltd. located in La Loma-Cesar, or submit on the website

*”IN HOUSE” applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Born in one of the mining municipalities (El Paso, La Jagua de Ibirico, Chiriguaná, Becerril, Codazzi)
  • Graduate
  • Adult
  • More than 4 years of work experience