Social Responsibility

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Health and Recreation

Drummond has played a critical and ongoing role in the improvement of medical and hospitals in Colombia. In this area, we have led in the construction, remodeling, and endowment of the hospitals in Aracataca, Fundación, Chiriguaná, Bosconia and El Paso, and the Mother and Infant Center of the District of La Loma, as well as building Puestos de Salud (health centers). In total, Drummond has built, updated or equipped 27 health centers and hospitals nationwide.

To promote healthy lifestyles and protect public health and well-being, we are committed to the design and implementation of these projects and other activities, such as vaccination campaigns, medical brigades and public health education initiatives.

Drummond also encourages the development of sports and recreation activities through our involvement in the construction of parks and the endowment of sports equipment to encourage local competitions and championships in their different disciplines, as well as healthy, active lifestyles.

Drummond’s Communities Program has been a great supporter of the programs for music teachers and directors of the region. These programs and have helped established musical schools in Codazzi, Becerril, La Jagua de Ibirico, El Paso and Bosconia.