Students from Universidad Nacional in Medellin visited Drummond Ltd.’s Pribbenow Mine.

La Loma, May 24, 2017

*Students from Universidad Nacional in Medellin accompanied by Drummond Ltd. personnel

*Students from Universidad Nacional in Medellin accompanied by Drummond Ltd. personnel

Students from the Mine Engineering faculty at Universidad Nacional in Medellin were received at the Pribbenow Mine. The future mine engineers had the opportunity to see up close, the development of the activities that take place in the mining operation, and integrate them into their theoretical studies.

The students attended talks given by Drummond personnel, in relation to Social Responsibility, the Environment, and Engineering, before beginning the tour that took them to the Paujil Dam and to see the 793 trucks.

Tomas Buritica, a 5th semester mine engineering student at the institution stated, “Drummond has a humane part that is very interesting, and is very well supplied with technology. In terms of the mining activity, I realized that it is not only important to develop the extraction of the mineral, but that studies are also needed in the exploration zones, as well as contributing to the adequate development of the neighboring communities in these areas.”

Visita estudiantes U Nacional Medellin2_DLTDThe assistants interacted with representatives from each of the areas, to obtain answers to their concerns. Some of the most frequent inquiries were related to the mining production processes, control methods for particulate material, mining methods, and the transport of coal. Once the presentations were over, the students had the opportunity to walk through the mine installations, until they reached El Paujil Dam and the workshop area to see the 793 trucks, in charge of transporting the sterile material.

During this experience, professor John Freddy Montaño, highlighted that his students “were able to realize that the dimensions of large-scale mining are completely different to what they are used to seeing in underground mining. In this type of mining, everything is big, and with this they will be able to have a broader perspective of the activity.”