The Mayor of Chiriguaná and her Team Visited Drummond Ltd.’s Pribbenow Mine

March 3, 2016

As proof of Drummond Ltd.’s commitment to the communities that form part of its area of influence, and of the importance it assigns to the region’s development, the company hosted Zunilda Tolosa, mayor of Chiriguaná (Cesar), and her cabinet at the Pribbenow mine’s facilities with the purpose of showing them up close how the operation works and the measures that are taken to be environmentally friendly and responsible.

The mayor and her team visited places such as the El Paujil creek, a water reservoir created and cared for by the company where diverse species of birds and fish live during the tour of the Pribbenow mine led by managers of diverse areas of the company. They also visited the Ramp 7 lookout, where the officials were able to observe, during the regular daily work of the company, the implementation of set of environmental mitigation measures and actions, such as the operation of fog generation systems to prevent the emission of particulate matter and revegetation work in areas that have been mined and are now a fundamental element in the protection of fauna, reflected in the various species of birds, reptiles and mammals that live in the project, thus ratifying Drummond Ltd.’s policy of protection of fauna. The officials became familiar the progress of the Environmental Compensation Plan that the company is executing in association with other companies of the sector in the Serranía del Perijá.

Alcaldesa de Chiriguana visita Drummond Ltd (2)

Drummond Ltd. works hard to make its presence in the region synonymous with quality of life for the communities near its operation. Therefore, by way of its corporate social responsibility program, it works to improve education buildings, makes library book donations, constructs virtual classrooms, strengthens music bands and through its university scholarship program, among other projects that enhance the education of children and adolescents through strategies for the improvement of education facilities in the area. The officials were introduced to the supplier selection policy, characterized by giving priority to companies of the region when requesting goods and services. An example of this is the consumption of Café Perijá, grown in the Serranía del Perijá, at the Pribbenow and El Descanso mines.

“Drummond today opened its doors to us. It explained all that it offers to our municipalities, all the compensations, and we are willing to work hand-in-hand with them to bring many benefits for our communities,” said the mayor.

For his part, Iván Cadena, member of the town council of the municipality of Chiriguaná, said: “Today we were able to get to know the various areas of the mine and see in detail the mining process, thus being able to demolish many myths circulated about mining. Seeing it and getting to know it first hand gives us a totally different view of it. We know the work is done according to all of the industrial safety and occupational health rules and conditions that permit it to be a controlled activity in each of its processes.”

Drummond Ltd. thanks the mayor of Chiriguaná, Zunilda Tolosa, and her officials for this pleasant visit and expresses its interest in working hand-in-hand with local authorities in pursuit of better living conditions for the region’s communities.