The Palabrario & Numerario Program goes Digital

La Loma, July 3, 2020

Students in the ‘Palabrario & Numerario’ program

As part of its corporate social responsibility commitment, Drummond Ltd. continues bringing well-being to the communities in its area of influence. In an educational partnership with the United Way Colombia Foundation, it’s using digital platforms to provide access to its ‘Palabrario & Numerario’ program during the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

To guarantee continuity of learning in the program’s third phase, strategies have been implemented to use virtual platforms to continue strengthening the teaching practices of preschool and lower primary teachers.

Scope of the Program
During this training process, the program has benefited 5,641 boys and girls and 214 teachers, using educational methodologies and resources to improve educational quality at seven schools comprised of 19 campuses in the municipalities of Agustin Codazzi, Chiriguana, El Paso and La Jagua de Ibirico in the Department of Cesar.

“We are very grateful to Drummond and the United Way Colombia Foundation, because in these times of preventive quarantine, the program has continued its activities by using technology. During this time we have had virtual accompaniment through WhatsApp, and we held our first technical committee, thus complying with all the actions in the operating plan,” stated Robert Ortiz, teacher at the La Aurora school.

The creation of these new venues using WhatsApp, phone calls, and videoconferences has led to alternatives such as “Educational Vitamins” and the ” Palabrario & Numerario Blog,” innovative activities that strengthen the knowledge and practices of principals, coordinators, and teachers in a dynamic way during this time of confinement.

“Thanks to ‘Palabrario & Numerario’ we can keep developing competencies while at home. The teachers have sent us homework to strengthen our skills with the help of our parents,” said Jorge Alberto Reyes, a student at the Rafael Argote Vega school, campus #1.

Through these actions, Drummond Ltd. will continue developing projects that once again confirm its social commitment to generate a positive impact in its areas of influence.