Train Derailment

Ciénaga, April 5, 2017

Drummond Ltd. reports that on Tuesday, April 4, around 4 pm, there was a derailment of one of the company’s freight trains on route from its mines in the Cesar department to the company’s port in Ciénaga (Magdalena).

The incident occurred in the town of Santa Rosa, in the municipality of Fundación (Magdalena), where 22 gondolas (wagons) were derailed, causing the closure of the track, without causing any damage to water sources, communities in the area or employees of the company.

After the derailment, which was immediately reported to Fenoco –the concession in charge of the railroad´s operation–, and to the relevant authorities, the incident response protocols were activated and personnel from both Fenoco and Drummond Ltd. were transferred to the site. Removal work and the investigation into the cause continues.

Drummond Ltd. will continue to provide full support to the authorities to determine the causes of the derailment, and will make the necessary personnel and resources available.  The derailment occurred in a double track sector, so one track should reopen tonight, and the cleaning and recovery of coal will continue along with rehabilitation of the second track.