Trainers and Supervisors Certified in New Mining Equipment

La Loma, September 7, 2017

Certificados en nuevos equipos mineros 2_DLTD

Drummond Ltd. expanded its fleet of mining equipment with the acquisition of 10 latest-model 793F Caterpillar mining trucks, and has now trained its trainers and supervisors to operate them.

With this, the company demonstrates its continued investment in the business in order to maintain production at around 32 million tons and reach the goals set for 2017, with a safe operation and skilled human capital, as part of its commitment to engage in well done mining, staying competitive in the coal market.

The company, through its Training Department, arranged for direct training with Caterpillar to certify trainers and supervisors in the use of these trucks equipped with the latest technology.

The 12 workers chosen to receive the training will multiply the knowledge to field trainers, and after that to exceptional operators who can take full advantage of the capacity of these trucks.

“The experience was pleasant and personalized. We got a lot of mileage out of the training, acquiring extensive knowledge,” expressed Jose Salinas, supervisor of the training.

International Heavy Equipment Instructor Juan Herrera led the certification process, which included both classroom sessions and hands-on practice.

John Carrillo, Director of the Mining Operations Training Department at Drummond, was satisfied with how the training turned out: “The training concluded with very good results, and the instructor was pleasantly surprised with the level of knowledge and skill he found here at the mine. In the future, we hope to multiply this training with the regular truck operators in regard to new components, functions, and operating systems.”