Training Department Completes Educational Course on Oral and Corporal Expression

La Loma, January 2, 2018

*Training Group at the end of the course

Drummond, with the support of SENA, trained supervisors, specialist trainers, and field trainees in oral and corporal expression with the aim of developing and implementing mechanisms that facilitate the employees’ continuous improvement in communications and work relations.

The purpose of this exercise, which lasted 30 hours, was to integrate technical knowledge and training, with the objective of maintaining an efficient and adequate use of voice, public speaking, and language when executing their professional roles.

*Closing of the educational course, interpreting a theater play.

“These types of initiatives, led by the company, reinforce our knowledge in the activities that we develop on a daily basis in the Training Department, thus achieving techniques for a more efficient use of language when transmitting information,” stated Francisco Torres, training supervisor.

 The closing of this course included a theater play where supervisors and trainers played different characters, utilizing the knowledge acquired during this training. 



Drummond Ltd. reinforces its commitment to the development of employee talent by providing educational tools that will help strengthen their knowledge.