United States Ambassador visits Drummond Ltd.’s Mining Operation

September 25, 2015

Embajador de EEUU en Drummond Ltd

Ambassador Kevin Whitaker observed the mining operations from the lookout on Ramp 7, accompanied by the President of Drummond Ltd. José Miguel Linares, the Vice President of Mining Operations, Ron Damron, and Embassy representatives.

Drummond Ltd.’s Pribbenow Mine opened its doors to a visit by the United States Ambassador to Colombia, Kevin Whitaker. The Ambassador visited several strategic points of the mining project, the second-largest in the country in terms of the production and export of steam coal and was accompanied by the President of Drummond Ltd., José Miguel Linares, the Vice President of Mining Operations, Ron Damron, and vice presidents and managers from the Environmental, Industrial Safety, Production, and Communications Departments.

The Ambassador was shown how industrial safety is a way of life in The Company’s mining activities, making it a safe organization for its employees and the neighboring communities.

As part of the tour of the Pribbenow mine, the Ambassador saw the El Paujil dam, a reservoir with the capacity for 10 million cubic meters of water. This reservoir was created by Drummond Ltd. and functions as a genetic bank, conserving the diversity of the different species of fish, mammals, and reptiles that live there. He was also able to observe areas already in the stage of conservation and revegetation.

During this visit, high-level executives at Drummond Ltd. showed the Ambassador how important it is to the company to implement world-class mitigation measures to make mining environmentally-friendly. That is why it uses a spray system that produces a light fog at strategic points to minimize airborne dust particles.

Drummond Ltd. thanks Ambassador Whitaker and his team for their visit to the mining operation, reiterating that it is always fully available to share information about its policies and their implementation in its projects