Working at Drummond

Working at Drummond

Drummond Ltd. is proud to employ 4,617 direct employees and 321 temporary employees, of which 64% are native to the departments of Cesar and Magdalena, headquarters of our mining and port operation. Additionally, we have 3,760 workers within contracted companies, for an approximate total of 8,698 people linked to our operations in Colombia.

At Drummond Ltd., our employees come first. We take great joy in helping transform the lives of thousands of families by providing access to decent, well-paying work and high-quality health and education services.

To further support our family of employees, Drummond Ltd. continually creates industry-leading initiatives for our employees. We provide supplemental worker training to improve worker skills and to ensure work-life balance. Ongoing initiatives encourage the hiring of local workers and include policies regarding the participation of women in managerial roles and salary equality.

Drummond Ltd. jointly designed and implemented a training program with the National Learning Service (SENA). More than 1,600 young people in the region have received technical training, preparing many to later work for Drummond Ltd. We are recognized locally and regionally as a creator of high-quality jobs. We provide workers with competitive salaries and benefits packages that well exceed the legally required market benefits. We focus on areas important to our workers and their families: industrial safety, education, life insurance, additional bonuses, transportation, nutrition, entertainment, housing loans, and savings plans.

On every level of Drummond Ltd.’s operations, we comply with strict safety requirements. As a preventative measure we employ medical professionals specializing in occupational health. Our significant efforts in the areas of workplace safety have led to a decrease in accident frequency.

Drummond Ltd. is committed to ensuring workers’ success both at work and at home. We have created many community-based initiatives aimed at engaging, educating and enriching our employees’ lives and the lives of their families.

Learning Sessions with Employees and their Families
Through regularly planned learning sessions, we educate our employees on how to improve and maintain their living standards in order to raise workers’ level of satisfaction, efficacy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Painting Contest
We reward children of employees with an annual art contest. Themes include: the environment, Christmas, and “What does my dad do?”. Winners are featured in end-of-year cards and in the company calendar.

Family Saturday with Drummond
Family Saturdays foster a sense of community among workers by creating a gathering of employees and their families for recreational activities and new experiences.

Health Days
On Drummond health days, we provide preventive medical services such as health screenings and flu shots to promote healthy lifestyles and sound mental, physical, and community health.