Working at Drummond

Job Descriptions

Drummond Ltd. takes great pride in hiring local Colombian workers. As part of our ongoing commitment to local economic growth and community involvement, we give priority to candidates who come from the immediate area near the mine and the port and from the departments of Cesar and Magdalena.

We offer our workers many opportunities for advancement and continued education. New skill training, results in a mutual benefit because they gain confidence and more experience and expertise in the development of their activities related to their job activities. We strive to fill vacancies and new positions with employees who can be promoted before we look outside the company.


We seek employees characterized by their professionalism, dedication, and commitment. The attracting and bonding of our employees is focused on the capitalization of knowledge, experience, and specific individual competencies. We seek professionals who are engaged and interested in personal development.

If you are a professional and want to be a part of the team at Drummond Ltd, you may submit your resume at

Technicians and Operators

Drummond Ltd. has a team of highly qualified technicians and operators who all contribute to our safe and productive operations.

If you are an operator or technician and have more than 2 years of experience in the mining sector, you may submit your resume at