Drummond Ltd. Switches to Fueling its Vehicles with Biodiesel, in Favor of the Environment
September 16, 2020

With the objective of reducing environmental impacts, Drummond Ltd. is now fueling its vehicles with biodiesel instead of diesel as of the start of September.

Through this change, the company will reduce by 4.5 million gallons per year its consumption of fossil fuels, which will lower its CO2 emissions by 45,000 tons per year and its particulate matter emissions by 11.4 tons.

The renewable, vegetable oil-based biofuel is made by the Biocosta Group. To supply this biodiesel, it will set aside close to 4,000 hectares of its plantations for the production Drummond Ltd. requires in a year.

In addition to the benefits this change brings for the environment, Drummond Ltd.’s involvement will help create more than 2,100 direct and indirect jobs in the Departments of Cesar and Magdalena.

Drummond Ltd. and the Mayor of Chiriguana Deliver Center for Senior Citizens in La Sierra
September 15, 2020

La Loma, September 15, 2020 As the result of joint work between the Mayor of Chiriguana and Drummond Ltd., the La Sierra community received a Center for Senior Citizens, a construction to which the mining company contributed building materials and furnishings. “Drummond has conducted itself magnificently. In addition to being a strategic, institutional, and social […]

Education during the Pandemic, a Challenge Met and Overcome by Drummond Scholarship Winners
September 8, 2020

Cienaga, September 8, 2020 *The company, which has continued its operations and social programs, keeps a close watch on its scholarship winners as they do a great job with their college studies and keep moving forward in these complex times, becoming examples of hard work and success. During the COVID-19 emergency, Drummond Ltd. continues to […]


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