Drummond reiterates its commitment to closing gender gaps in the Colombian mining sector
October 27, 2021

Drummond Ltd. is committed to closing gender gaps in the mining sector, in line with Sustainable Development Goal 5, which calls for an end to all forms of discrimination against women and girls. Because it has been proven that equality makes a direct contribution to economic growth and the integral development of society, Drummond, in addition to establishing corporate policies to prevent discrimination, participates in assessments to determine progress made and chart a path for overcoming challenges.

“At Drummond we attract and hire people with high professional and ethical standards, ensuring that their skills, knowledge, abilities and conduct are line with our corporate principles and values. We believe that a person’s gender is not an indicator of talent or competence,” stated Jose Miguel Linares, company president.

That is why the company participates in evaluations, so it can identify opportunities for improvement and continue to narrow gaps. For example, this year it took part in the PAR Ranking, and in 2020 it used the UN’s WEPs gender gap analysis tool to run a self-diagnosis.

Drummond begins new Colombian coal export route to Dubai
April 12, 2021

Ciénaga, April 12, 2021 With 164,257 tons, the first coal load was shipped out on April 9 to the United Arab Emirates. The ship called Fortune will travel approximately 8,900 nautical miles (on the route via the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal) to continue on with the Colombian mineral bound for Dubai, after the […]

Drummond celebrates new scholarship winners in its areas of influence
February 12, 2021

Cienaga, February 12, 2021 *Seventeen young people in our area of influence were pleased to receive the news that they have joined the 150 students who have already benefited from the Drummond Scholarship Program. After a process of evaluation and selection, 4 young people from the Department of Magdalena and 13 from the Department of […]


Our reports compile much more than charts illustrating the company’s performance; they portray the stories of people who, from various work areas, form a support for a company that is growing along with the communities in the area of influence where it operates, that humanizes a highly technical process such as mining, and that is committed to the pursuit of benefits for all.