Drummond Restarts Port Operations with an Investment of US$360 Million in a Modern Direct Ship Loading System
March 31, 2014

Sistema de Cargue Directo

Drummond restarts its port operations with the first shipment of coal using its direct ship loading system. Construction will continue until the end of August of this year when the two (2) ship loaders are installed and working, at which time Puerto Drummond will have an installed capacity of 60 million tons per year. The transformation of the port, in which US$360 million are being invested, includes the construction of the direct ship loading system, the dredging of the maneuvering basin, and important works in the coal storage yard. The dock has systems for drainage, containment, and management of industrial wastewater, dust suppression, and water spraying. In addition, the port is certified with OHSAS 18001 in industrial safety and occupational health and is BASC and ISPS certified in physical security and port protection. This port has become a reality thanks […]

Drummond Ltd. supports efforts to put out forest fire in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
March 30, 2014


Starting at 2 PM yesterday and for as long as necessary, Drummond Ltd. will be providing support to the Mayor of Ciénaga, the Fire Department of that municipality and the Colombian Air Force (CAF) to fight the forest fire that has affected close to 3,000 hectares of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. To do […]

United for the Recovery of the Manzanares River
March 29, 2014


On March 22, World Water Day, Drummond and other companies joined together to work proactively in favor of the recovery of one of the most important rivers of Santa Marta.   The cleanup campaign sought to motivate nearby communities and inhabitants to join together to raise awareness about protecting the river and its watershed. The […]



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