Minister of Foreign Trade of the Netherlands, Vice Minister of Mines of Colombia and European utility companies’ representatives visited Drummond’s mining operations in Colombia
November 26, 2014


In view of the invitation extended by the company in The Hague in April 2014, yesterday the Minister of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation of the Netherlands, Lilianne Ploumen, visited Drummond’s mining operations in Cesar, where she was accompanied by a delegation of approximately 40 persons, including official staff members of the Dutch government, Colombian government officials, European utility companies representatives, foreign journalists and representatives from different trade organizations and NGOs.

During the visit through the company’s operations, Minister Ploumen and her delegation were able to learn, first hand, about the mining process, haulage and the export of the coal that is being extracted in El Cesar, and they had the opportunity to learn about all the policies and protocols that the company implements in order to have a sustainable operation, which prevents and mitigates impacts on the environment and generates value for the country, for the workers and for the communities from the area of influence of the company’s operation.

“For Drummond Ltd. and for all its employees, it is an honor to have the visit of Minister Ploumen and her delegation, and to be able to present our social and environmental responsibility strategy, which represents the efforts of our managerial staff and of more than 5,000 workers, in developing a sustainable mining activity that complies with the highest standards”, said José Miguel Linares, Drummond Ltd.’s president, who added that this was “a productive and very positive visit”.

Drummond Ltd. carries out environmental campaign to keep beaches clean in Cienaga
October 22, 2014


As a responsible company committed to the environment, Drummond Ltd. began a beach clean-up and waste collection campaign in Ciénaga’s coastal zone this past Friday, October 10th. During the clean-up process, which began at Costa Verde’s beach, a large number of Drummond employees participated and have been collecting litter and waste material such as: plastic […]

Drummond Ltd. supports reforestation day in La Jagua de Ibirico
September 26, 2014


The Association of Technicians and Professionals for the benefit of the Mountainous Region of Perijá, ASOTEPROS, held, with Drummond Ltd.’s support, the Adopt-a-Tree day in which the community of the 8 de Marzo neighborhood of the small town of La Victoria de San Isidro, in the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, planted trees such […]



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