“The Mining Industry Should Drive the Growth of other Economic Sectors”: Jose Miguel Linares:
May 4, 2018

For two days, public and private sector leaders and the mining industry met in the ‘Heroic’ city to talk about current and future conditions for mining in the country. Inaugurated by Jose Miguel Linares, President of the Board of Directors of the ACM and of Drummond Ltd., this latest encounter focused on innovation, ability to compete, and development, analyzing the situation of mining in Colombia and the important challenges it must rise to in order to continue to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

One of the most striking messages was related to the nation’s great wealth in minerals, that, if efficiently used, can act as an engine fomenting the growth of other industries, which, as a group, will diversify the economy in all regions of Colombia.

For this to be possible, “the approach to the mining sector must be integrated to include the legal framework, tax issues, and the environmental, political, social, and economic arenas. This should allow us to objectively analyze – with the proper technical and regulatory support – our reality,” indicated Linares during his speech.

Drummond Signs Agreement with Colombian Government for Compensation Plans in Cesar that will Benefit 230 Families
April 24, 2018

Bogotá, April 23, 2018 In the framework of Earth Day, President Juan Manuel Santos and Drummond Ltd. signed an agreement for Forest Compensation Plans oriented toward ecological restoration, rehabilitation, and recovery of the San Antonio and Las Animas Creek watershed areas in the Serranía del Perijá. The initiative promotes comprehensive water management and conservation of […]

Drummond Delivers the “La Orquidea” Childhood Development Center” to the Community in the Village of Arenas Blancas
April 17, 2018

La Loma, April 17, 2018 Drummond Ltd. delivered the “La Orquidea” Childhood Development Center to the village of Arenas Blancas, jurisdiction of the municipality of Chiriguana. This center will help strengthen the community, serving more than 70 children in early childhood, who will  to benefit from the new building and its programs during their learning […]


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