Drummond Ltd. donates trees to the “Safe Environment knocks on your door” campaign from the Cesar Governorship
September 30, 2015


The company contributed 300 trees to the campaign that were grown in its nursery, which produces more than 80,000 plants per year that are used for revegetation and reforestation of areas in the interior of its mining projects, as well as for environmental improvement programs in the neighboring communities.

“The contribution of 300 trees grown by Drummond for the protection of the environment of La Loma is extremely valuable. As always, Drummond has demonstrated that it is a company that cares about us. As it has previously helped us with our schools, it has also helped with paving, and now it is contributing to nature,” declared Carlos Cotes, President of the Community Board of Directors of the Puente Seco neighborhood, when he received the trees for his community.

Also, with the company’s involvement in this initiative, the Cesar Governorship’s Environmental Secretary, Andres Meza Araujo, highlighted that “Drummond Ltd.’s support for the campaign led by the Cesar Governorship is important. With this, the company proves its Social and Environmental Responsibility.

United States Ambassador visits Drummond Ltd.’s Mining Operation
September 25, 2015

Embajador de EEUU en Drummond Ltd

Ambassador Kevin Whitaker observed the mining operations from the lookout on Ramp 7, accompanied by the President of Drummond Ltd. José Miguel Linares, the Vice President of Mining Operations, Ron Damron, and Embassy representatives. Drummond Ltd.’s Pribbenow Mine opened its doors to a visit by the United States Ambassador to Colombia, Kevin Whitaker. The Ambassador […]

Drummond Ltd. joins the ‘Children for Peace 2015’ initiative
September 7, 2015

Drummond apoya proyecto_Ninos por la Paz_1

* The ‘Children for Peace’ project has a new hope being sponsored by Drummond Ltd. This has provided support for more than 300 young people between the ages of 7 and 17, from disadvantaged communities in the municipality of Cienaga, to get them involved in a sports and personal growth program.  Approximately 500 children in […]



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