Drummond Ltd. releases in a reserve area a fox-dog brought in by one of its employees
September 25, 2019

Drummond Ltd. has once again confirmed its commitment to protect and preserve the environment and to meet Sustainable Development Goal #15 Life on Land, through the release of a crab-eating fox-dog (Cerdocyon thous) at the El Descanso mine.

Benjamin Peña, a tank truck operator in the Road Area at Drummond Ltd., brought the animal voluntarily to the company’s wildlife rescue unit, which is operated by Corpocesar and the George Dahl Hydrobiological Foundation.

“My daughter was given the animal at a farm in Curumani, Cesar, because the Fox is an orphan. I decided to give it to Drummond’s Wildlife Rescue Unit because they have always given us environmental education at the company in the form of talks and courses. They have explained to us how important it is to conserve and take care of the environment, and especially wildlife,” said Benjamin Peña.

With its contribution to 10 SDGs and the adoption of six initiatives to improve its practices, Drummond presents its 2018 Sustainability Report
September 3, 2019

Bogotá, September 3, 2019 With the creation of 10,178 direct and indirect jobs, in 2018 the company achieved its third consecutive year as the largest producer and exporter of Colombian coal. The company signed or voluntarily adhered to six initiatives to improve its practices, including Bettercoal evaluations and its participation in multi-actor initiatives such as […]

More than 100 Cacao-Producing Families Benefit from the Creation of the First Premium Chocolate of Cesar
August 29, 2019

La Loma, August 29, 2019 The new product is part of partnership between Agrobiz and its Chuculat brand and the Association of Cacao Producers of La Jagua de Ibirico, with support from Drummond Ltd. The project “Single origin: Cacao from Cesar” helps meet Sustainable Development Goals 2, 12 and 16 connected with zero hunger, responsible […]


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