Drummond Ltd.’s Tree Planting Program Continues to Reach More Communities in La Loma
July 27, 2016

Residents of the Villa La Feria neighborhood in La Loma, Cesar

For Drummond Ltd. it is fundamental to establish close ties to the communities that form the area of influence of mining. Therefore, through its Community Relations and Environmental Departments implemented another distribution of trees in the Comcaja and Villa La Feria neighborhoods, located in the corregimiento of La Loma, Cesar.

“The aim that we have is marvelous: to plant trees throughout this area and create an impeccable green zone that helps us to cool this area off more. It is too hot here, but we have already seen, through the training they have given us, that [planting trees] helps to cool the environment,” said Alfonso Flores Daza, President of the Community Action Board of the Urbanización Comcaja.

Through this project 1,855 trees have already been distributed to various neighborhoods and educational institutions in the corregimiento of La Loma, in the municipality of El Paso, Cesar, and the members of these communities have been trained on topics related to environmental sensitization, tree planting, and the correct planting and maintenance of trees, among others.

ENEL (EMGESA) Visits Drummond’s Mine and Port Operations
July 26, 2016

Visita de Enel (Emgesa)_DLTD

As part of its customer relationship with Drummond Ltd., ENEL showed interest in getting to know more about the operation carried out by the company, in addition to its commitment to the various audiences and its surroundings which include: the communities, its workers, its contractors, its customers and the environment. “For Drummond, socialization with its […]

Drummond Ltd. Provides a Pump on Loan to End the Water Crisis in La Loma
July 8, 2016

Suministro de agua a La Loma_DLTD

*The mining company along with the office of the Municipal Mayor, installed a transformer that would permit a machine to bring water into the homes of this town of La Loma in Cesar. Drummond Ltd.’s has supported support to the community of La Loma by providing the residents with drinking water. In further efforts, the […]



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