Peace Process and Post-Conflict
September 27, 2016

Drummond supports the efforts of the Colombian government to reach a peace agreement with the FARC, and we wholeheartedly hope that this reconciliation process is successful, strengthening democracy and contributing to a more sustainable future for Colombia and every citizen therein. We also support the government’s intention to provide development and prosperity in rural regions of Colombia affected by violence that promote adequate conditions for the compensation of victims of human rights violations.

Drummond will continue to improve the conditions for recovery and reconciliation during the post-conflict through its corporate social responsibility programs, which will continue to benefit the people of this region. This is a great opportunity to help close a chapter that has negatively affected all Colombians for many years.

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Improvements in Carlos Garcia Mayorca School Benefit the Students
September 27, 2016

Event to share information about air conditioning in classrooms at Carlos Garcia Mayorca School

*Drummond Ltd., together with the Mayor of Cienaga and Empresa de Energia de Bogotá, are installing air-conditioning in school classrooms in the village of Cordobita, Cienaga. The Carlos Garcia Mayorca School will benefit from the project that will air-condition six classrooms, the preschool room, and the computer room to improve the student learning conditions. The […]

Drummond Ltd., Continues to Benefit more Communities with their Tree Planting Program
September 22, 2016

*Members of Drummond’s Environmental Department, together with inhabitants of the 8 de Diciembre neighborhood in the township of La Loma

A total of 2,905 trees have been delivered to different neighborhoods and educational institutions of the township of La Loma, municipality of El Paso, as part of the Tree Planting program being led by the Environmental and Community Relations Department at Drummond Ltd. This time, the neighborhoods who benefitted where 8 de Diciembre and Primero […]



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