Mayor and City Councilmen from the Municipality of Bosconia Visit Drummond Ltd.’s Mining Operations
April 13, 2016

Iván de Armas, Superintendent of the Roads and Special Projects Department, responds to concerns from officials and city councilmen from the municipality of Bosconia.

The mayor of Bosconia, Juan Enrique Aaron Rivero, municipal officials and city councilmen were able to see different areas of the operations at Drummond Ltd.’s Pribbenow mine through a field visit guided by company employees.

Drummond Ltd. is always pleased to welcome neighboring communities and local, departmental and national authorities to its operations. This time, it received a visit from the Mayor’s office of the municipality of Bosconia, led by mayor Juan Enrique Aaron Rivero, officials and members of the city council, who witnessed from different locations the company’s hard work and achievements in terms of environmental mitigation, industrial safety and social responsibility.

“Thanks to this opportunity, we could see the proper way that Drummond is handling environmental issues and we hope that these policies continue to benefit the environment in our department,” the mayor said after having visited three lookout points where the mining activities and their responsible management could be observed. The implementation of environmental measures that make Drummond’s presence in the region synonymous with sustainability and development were visible from these vantage points.

Drummond invites unions to begin negotiations
April 7, 2016

Drummond Ltd. would like to report that it has invited the five unions that currently exist in its workforce — Sintradrummond, Sintradem, Sintramienergetica, Agretritrenes and Sintramineros – to begin the negotiations that should lead us to sign the collective labor agreement with each one of them. The company has issued this invitation fully committed to […]

Drummond Ltd. Continues to Support the Professional Education of Young People from the Municipality of Chiriguaná
April 4, 2016

apoyo formacion profesional_3

Jessica Patricia Baños Ochoa, an 18-year-old resident of the village of La Aurora in the municipality of Chiriguaná, is another young recipient of the El Descanso scholarship awarded by Drummond Ltd. to study toward a professional degree. “I am so happy to receive this scholarship that Drummond Ltd. is giving me to fulfill my dream […]



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