Drummond Ltd. Supports Business Units for Rural Families in the Corregimiento of Boquerón
January 13, 2017

In the photo: Digna Emérita Reales Díaz, representative of the ASPROSEMBO association, and Engineer Rafael Antonio García, coordinator of Drummond Ltd.’s Community Relations Department.

La Loma – January 13, 2017 * Thanks to the partnership among the municipal government of La Jagua de Ibirico, Drummond Ltd. and other companies, 84 Boquerón families benefit from the project. Projects like Drummond Ltd.’s agreement with the municipal administration of La Jagua de Ibirico seek the implementation of business units for rural families in the corregimiento of Boquerón. The project being carried out has our company’s support. The company periodically distributes food concentrate for hens and pigs, such as that supplied last January 11 under the supervision of engineer Rafael Antonio García, coordinator of Drummond Ltd.’s Community Relations Department, and received by Digna Emérita Reales Díaz,  representative of the ASPROSEMBO association and other associations of the corregimiento of Boquerón. Through this project, activities such as the implementation of production units with laying hens and pigs for fattening and breeding […]

Peace Process and Post-Conflict
January 13, 2017

Originally posted: September 28, 2016 Colombian Peace Process Drummond supports the efforts of the Colombian government to reach a peace agreement with the FARC, and we wholeheartedly hope that this reconciliation process is successful, strengthening democracy and contributing to a more sustainable future for Colombia and every citizen therein. We also support the government’s intention […]

Drummond’s tree planting program: 380 new trees delivered to La Jagua de Ibirico
January 5, 2017

*Pictured: Yarceli Rangel, Mayor of La Jagua de Ibirico, Ranmisol Garcia, the secretary of the Environment, and Julio Hernandez, Drummond Ltd.’s environmental aid

La Loma, January 5, 2017   Drummond Ltd. delivered 380 trees to the residents in a new housing project called Sororia urbanization in the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, Cesar, through the department of Community Relations and the Environment. Through the Tree Planting program, Drummond Ltd. seeks to create awareness for environmental management and […]



Our reports compile much more than charts illustrating the company’s performance; they portray the stories of people who, from various work areas, form a support for a company that is growing along with the communities in the area of influence where it operates, that humanizes a highly technical process such as mining, and that is committed to the pursuit of benefits for all.