Our operation

We work for Colombia

With operations in the departments of Cesar and Magdalena, Colombia, we are a company that extracts, transports and commercializes coal.

Our operation

Where we are located: Location

Our operations are located in the municipalities of El Paso, La Jagua de Ibirico and Chiriguaná in Cesar; and in the municipality of Ciénaga, in Magdalena.


Drummond: driving force of the present and builder of the future

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Our mission

Contribute to the development

To explore, extract, transport and export coal with the highest quality standards and the best environmental, occupational health and safety, ethical and socioeconomic practices, within the framework of responsible and sustainable world-class mining, contributing to the development of stakeholders linked to the operations.

Our Vision

A safe and reliable Operation

To maintain our place by 2025 as a leading coal exporter in Colombia, with a safe, reliable and profitable operation, in compliance with the law and international standards, guided by principles of sustainability and a corporate culture of teamwork and integrity.

Our operation

Committed to Colombia

Our presence in Colombia is proof of our efforts to carry out mining activities that provide important resources for society and that build and strengthen capacities of the communities in our area of influence. Drummond Ltd. is mining with positive impact.

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