Industrial safety

is our life style

guiding everything we do and protecting those around us as we take care of our environment, resources, and ourselves.

Drummond Ltd.’s most important asset is our peopleFor that reason, we develop strategies in favor of the health and safety of all personnel who work in our operations, ensuring their integrity and making sure they return home safely.

That is why Industrial Safety at Drummond Ltd. is more than a commitment to life and to meeting legal requirements. We consider it to also be a solid business strategy, because managing health and safety is a fundamental part of our company’s sustainability. Indeed, for us, it is a lifestyle.

Ron Damron
President & COO of DCI

Our vision for OHS:

By the year 2026, to be the safest, most reliable and most productive low-cost mining company in the world, ensuring the well-being of all our employees and contractors by achieving the independent stage in our occupational safety culture and becoming a global benchmark for best practices and operational discipline.

Our OHS values:

Corporate Government of Health and Safety at Drummond Ltd.