Industrial Safety

Preventive Management


Leadership and Participation

Managerial walkarounds, good for everyone:

  • Walkarounds tour the workplaces for a first-hand look at the safety measures for different activities.
  • They include conversations between managers – everyone from supervisors to vice presidents – and committee members and employees, to hear proposals, field questions, and receive suggestions that can help improve the occupational health and safety management system.
  • They constitute a mechanism for communication, participation and the identification of strengths and opportunities for improvement that will continue to strengthen our culture of safety.

Weekly safety meetings:

All levels of the Drummond Ltd. organization participate in these meetings, including managers, supervisors, operators, technicians, contractors and committee members. Each meeting reinforces communication, participation, and leadership by discussing safety-related topics and promoting teamwork.

Ongoing promotion of contractor leadership and collaborative involvement in health and safety issues.

  • Contractor Senior Management Summit
  • Training to build competencies for contractor representatives.
  • External audits by the Colombian Safety Council.

Safety Observation Program

Occupational Safety Competencies

Operational Controls

Measures to prevent injury and harm during the work.

1. Elimination

Intervention at the source of danger to eliminate it.


If a hazard cannot be eliminated, it is replaced with a lower impact hazard to reduce energy and exposure.

3. Engineering

Separation is created from the risk using fenders, guards, barriers, two-hand controls, safety stops, isolation of areas, etc.

4. Administrative controls

These include signage, procedures, alarms, inspections, labeling, work permits, etc.

5. Personal protective equipment

This last alternative for control includes helmet, goggles, gloves, etc.

Emergency preparation and response program

We protect the life and safety of our workers