Through our Due Diligence in human rights, we contribute to strengthen stakeholders' capacities to build a peaceful, fair and responsible society that promotes respect for human rights.

Drummond Ltd. ratifies its commitment to continue working for an economically viable, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible mining industry, through the operational management of its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, which contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Areas of action

  • Training and promotion
  • Peace and social dialogue
  • Coexistence and conflict resolution

For Drummond Ltd., the respect and promotion of human rights is based on the recognition that people are the fundamental core of the organization and society, and is supported by compliance with international norms and standards, as well as corporate policies that promote acting with integrity.

For Drummond Ltd., due diligence is an essential tool to prevent, manage or mitigate human rights risks and impacts that may be generated in the area of influence, from its operation or by third parties related to the company.

The Company systematically reviews compliance with environmental risk management measures, occupational risks, occupational health and safety, land rights, social risks, ethnic minorities, resettlement, and private and public safety risk measures.

Management measures consider legal obligations and the best voluntary international standards, as presented in the table of risk management instruments and in the list of proactive actions.

Community spaces for peace building

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Alliance with the Unit for the Integral Attention and Reparation of Victims - UARIV

Its objective is to contribute to the reduction of violence and human rights violations in the area of mining influence of Drummond Ltd., through institutional and community strengthening, the generation of opportunities and the education and training of the population that is a victim of the conflict.


Peace-building projects and reconstruction of the social structure

Its objective is to promote values and skills in the children of the area of influence, and to strengthen family ties and protective environments to guarantee the rights of children and young people through an environment of coexistence and reconciliation.

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