El Puerto

Puerto Drummond: cuenta con tecnología de última generación para manejo de cargas a granel seco y se encuentra dentro de los puertos de mayor capacidad de cargue en el mundo.

El muelle tiene capacidad para atracar hasta cuatro buques tamaño Cape Size. Esta infraestructura permite el cargue de dos barcos simultáneamente.

Located in Ciénaga, Magdalena, the port operates as a high-capacity storage and cargo facility.


Puerto Drummond

Metric tons exported:
29,7 million

Operations beginning:

Direct Load Beginning:
March 31, 2014

Load capacity:
60 million metric tons per year

Loading systems

High technology

Two direct loading systems with a capacity of 8,000 tons/hour each.

The system allows the loading of Handy, Supra max, Panamax, Cape Size or New Castle Max vessels.

The dock has systems for drainage, containment, and management of industrial wastewater, dust suppression, and water spraying.

Currently, at Puerto Drummond, we can store up to 1.5 million metric tons of coal. This coal is stored according to its quality properties, which allows us to prepare blends that meet the quality requirements of each of our customers at the moment of shipment.

US $440 million

The direct loading system and the expansion of the coal storage yard were completed.

Conveyor belts
8,000 metric tons/hour

The port has 3 railcar turners for coal unloading (single, double, quadruple).

1.5 million

Puerto Drummond has ISO 45001 certifications in industrial safety and occupational health, ISO 14001 certifications in environmental management, and BASC, PBIP, and AEO certifications in physical security, port security, and supply chain.

Reglamento de condiciones técnicas de operación

Terminal de puerto drummond

Resolución #1144