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Drummond Magazine is Drummond Ltd’s employee magazine dedicated to communicating company information, operational news, current company news, human resources and highlighting Drummond Ltd’s CSR activities.

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40 years serving a higher purpose
In November of 2019, Richard Mullen took over as CEO for Drummond. His story within the company portrays, in a perfect manner, the integrity of Drummond’s human talent. His career has been marked by an incessant search for success and excellence, purposes that today place him in the company’s main position.
Coal is an ally of the transition

“We are proud to be miners and to contribute to making the challenge of the energy transition a reality that includes the most pressing needs and dreams of all Colombians.”

Drummond at the forefront: sustainable and efficient mining

We actively promote sustainability and care for the environment through some of the principles of the circular economy within our operations. We have redefined the efficiency of our mining activity, reducing costs and making the most of available resources.

World-class safety: Drummond with the highest standards

Our new goal for 2026 is for the organization to be 100% at the interdependence level according to the DuPont model. To fulfill this purpose, it is essential to understand that the commitment of each one of the collaborators, in each area, department, and scenario of the organization, remains fundamental.

Discover how our mining operations positively impact communities and the environment.

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