One of the most relevant stakeholders for Drummond Ltd. is its employees; the management it carries out with its human talent ensures the attainment of goals and objectives, as well as the compliance with organizational standards.

Drummond Ltd. offers its employees the opportunity for professional development through growth opportunities, training and education, within the framework of an organizational culture that promotes fairness, respect, transparency and integrity.

Areas of action:

  • Human talent management.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Relationship with labor unions.

Human Resource

Good human resource management brings about the effective growth and development of the Company, and a healthy work environment that promotes productivity and collaborative work, and guarantees a human talent with high professional and ethical standards, with competencies, knowledge, skills and behaviors in line with institutional principles and values.

Occupational Health and safety

For Drummond Ltd., Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is a priority, because it is immersed in its philosophy and operation. The Company seeks to guarantee a healthy, safe and sustainable environment in the development of its operations, in order to benefit its employees, contractors, visitors and communities in its area of influence.

Areas of action:

  • Formalize the structure for a corporate guideline
    in health and safety.
  • Know and evaluate the roles and skills for the improvement
    of the skills and competencies.
  • Safety empowerment for employees –
    clear responsibilities at all levels.
  • Transforming the safety culture into a proactive one, through
    a leadership environment (KPI).

Relations with labor unions

Strengthening relations with all union stakeholders continues to be a fundamental pillar for the Company. This challenge is assumed based on respect for the right of association, freedom of association, collective bargaining and, of course, abiding by and complying with Colombian labor regulations.

Therefore, the management of labor relations is of vital importance, not only because it is a right enshrined in the Colombian Constitution, but also because Drummond Ltd. is convinced that good labor relations reduce the possibility of affecting stakeholders, the Company’s objectives and its corporate reputation.

Relationship with communities and management of suppliers and contractors

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with communities

The relationship with the communities in the area of influence of Drummond Ltd.'s mining and port operations is essential for the Company, since, seen from a risk and opportunity management perspective, a good relationship builds trust and guarantees the social license to make the operation sustainable. Through the strengthening of local capacities and the commitment to generate a positive impact, Drummond Ltd. contributes value to its communities by transforming the territory, with the objective of achieving sustainable development.


Supplier and contractor

Having a chain of suppliers that guarantees the long-term operation of the Company is a determining factor for the sustainability of the operation of Drummond Ltd. For this reason, the various suppliers and contractors that support the operation undergo rigorous evaluation and selection processes, with the objective of guaranteeing that the purchase and contracting of goods and services have the required quality, offer a competitive price, are delivered in a timely manner and guarantee after-sales service, which in the end generates growth and competition in the market.

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