Sustainable mining that create value for the country


Drummond Ltd. promotes responsible mining that adds value to its area of influence, to the communities, and to the Colombian State.

We face the challenges that arise in a timely, effective and efficient manner, sometimes seeking alliances with other organizations with which we work, so that our well-done mining is a contribution to the sustainability of our environment.

From the point of view of our performance as a Company, our corporate strategy is based on three strategic pillars: economic, social, and environmental, with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Being the largest producer and exporter of coal in the country for the fifth consecutive year, representing millions of dollars in royalties, taxes, fees and contributions, we are a great contributor in terms of economic development. Our operation also contributes to business development and progress, both in our areas of influence and the rest of the country, with national suppliers, of which a vast majority are located in the Caribbean Region.

In relation to our human talent and our commitment to occupational health and safety, we are certified under the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard.

As part of our commitment to respecting and promoting Human Rights, Drummond Ltd. actively participates in the “Working Group on Human Rights and Coal”, which includes other mining companies, the Presidential Human Rights Council, the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and the National Mining Agency. Human rights issues are an integral part of our culture, making it important for everyone in the company.

In terms of social investment, our greatest commitment is to generate local capacities, optimize the dialogue between Drummond and the community and permanent contact with the populations, social organizations and government entities in our areas of influence. Our Corporate Social Responsibility management is strengthened by working from four pillars: peace and human rights, governance for development, environmental performance, and comprehensive development.

José Miguel Linares


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