Drummond Ltd. pronounces on the accusation of the Attorney General’s Office against its directors

Bogotá, May 31, 2023

Drummond Ltd. was informed of the decision of the Attorney General’s Office to confirm its accusations against Augusto Jiménez, former president of Drummond Ltd., and José Miguel Linares, current president of Drummond Ltd.

These accusations are unsubstantiated by credible evidence and based primarily on false statements of convicted criminals who received payment for their testimony.

What exists against Drummond is a cartel of false witnesses, promoted by an American lawyer and Colombian lawyers, who sued the company in the United States, but were unsuccessful. However, what they have achieved is that these paramilitaries repeat their lies before the Prosecutor’s Office and before the JEP.

Drummond reaffirms its support and confidence in José Miguel Linares and Augusto Jiménez and will continue to fully support them in the trial phase of this matter.

Drummond is confident that when all of the evidence is presented the innocence of their executives will be proven before the corresponding judicial courts.