As a part of its social commitment, Drummond Ltd. sponsored research and a publication on the productive transformation of Cesar

La Loma, June 8, 2023

*The book was presented on Thursday at the Valledupar Book Fair during the conference, “Education: how Cesar can adapt to the new world through technical and technological careers.”

*Cover of the book developed by Cesore e Inclusión SAS.

As part of its commitment to help develop sustainable alternatives for the future of the region, Drummond Ltd. sponsored the research for and publication of the book, “The Work and Productive Transformation of Cesar: The Technical and Technological Fields the Department Needs,” prepared by the Centro de Estudios Socioeconómicos y Regionales (Cesore) e Inclusión SAS. It is to be officially launched today at the Valledupar Book Fair.

The idea for this research came in response to Resolution 664 of March 29, 2022, by means of which the National Authority for Environmental Licenses (ANLA) approved the implementation of a Socioeconomic Management Plan for the community of Boqueron, in the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, Cesar. Drummond’s plan through the project is to, among other things, implement a technical education program with job training and human development, promoting progress for communities and helping them develop knowledge, skills and specific abilities in areas relevant to the current needs of the job market.

“We like to explain the genesis of this academic diagnosis so people understand it’s about more than just following through on our commitments. In this case, it is about making a contribution to the nation and this region. In addition to the training program, we decided to make possible a study that will serve as the basis for policy formulation oriented toward education in the Department of Cesar. That’s what the book is about,” explained Wisam Faraj, senior resettlement supervisor at Drummond Ltd.

The book, developed with participation from community leaders, will be presented on Thursday, June 8 at 2:00 pm in the Leandro Diaz Auditorium at the Chamber of Commerce of Valledupar. The presentation is part of the conference “Education: how Cesar can adapt to the new world through technical and technological studies,” at the Valledupar Book Fair, and attendees will receive a copy of the book, courtesy of Drummond Ltd. Attendance at the conference is free.

“We made sure the book had support from the institutional framework, and, most importantly, the participation of the community. We organized a number of events where the community, through its leaders, could make suggestions and express their opinions about their hopes and dreams for their region. On top of that, there were conversations with Cesar’s business leaders, and the result is this document that describes technical, social, and business strengths,” specified Wisam Faraj.

Through this sponsorship, the mining company is placing its bets on the productive diversification of the Department of Cesar within the framework of an energy transition. It also intends to help create a path into the region’s economic future, oriented toward public and private sector actors.

Some of the topics covered by the investigative document are: analysis of the functional relationships of the municipalities in the mining corridor; economic trends in Cesar and the national context and with the productive transition; qualitative analysis of the actors present in the corridor; and job training needs in the Department from a business perspective.

Drummond was also a sponsor of the Valledupar Book Fair this year, confirming its commitment to promoting the development of the region through culture.