Drummond Ltd. released wildlife into its conservation areas

La Loma, July 14, 2023

* Release of Morrocoy turtles, species known scientifically as Chelonoidis Carbonaria.

Drummond Ltd. continues to demonstrate its commitment with wild life preservation through the rescue and protection of species in their conservation areas. Recently, together with the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cesar, Corpocesar, and the Norte de Santander Environmental Authority, Corponor, 99 black-necked tortoises, one deer, and one grison were released.

The release was conducted in one of the biosensor zones present in the area of influence of the El Descanso mine, which are protection sites that comply with all the environmental conditions that species need to be able to reproduce, complete their life cycle, and adapt to the ecosystem.

“This process was possible thanks to various rehabilitation activities executed in the entities’ fauna centers, today we released a deer, a grison, and several morrocoy individuals, to which different processes were carried out so they would act as they normally do so that when they are returned to their natural habitat they have a good development,” said Janit Arévalo Suárez, biologist at the Corpocesar wildlife center.

It is worth mentioning that within the work conducted, Drummond Ltd. has aligned its environmental policies with the United Nations World Organization Sustainable Development agenda, through its goal number 15: Life on Land, working in this way towards the sustainability of the environment.

Gustavo Valencia, senior supervisor for the biodiversity and compensations area for Drummond Ltd., expressed: “These activities are very important because they confirm our interest in improving the region’s environmental capital and prove how mining development can have a positive impact.”

Drummond Ltd. Continues performing this type of actions that show its environmental commitment with the protection and preservation of the region’s ecosystems and natural resources.