The integral development conditions of children in Algarrobo are improved with a donation to the CDI Mundo Feliz.

Cienaga, November 22, 2023

* Alvaro Daza, senior supervisor of Community Relations at Drummond Ltd., in Magdalena, with the mayor of Algarrobo and the children of CDI Mundo Feliz.

Drummond Ltd., in partnership with the Algarrobo Municipal Mayor’s Office, delivered supplies and installation of the playground, as well as providing educational games to boys and girls at the Mundo Feliz Children´s Development Center.

With this contribution, the company benefits more than 192 children in the railway influence area, providing the conditions for an inclusive, equitable, and quality education that facilitates learning in early childhood.

“We noted with great pleasure the delivery of the second phase of the Mundo Feliz Children´s Development Center. Here in the municipality of Algarrobo we are delivering modules, two children’s games, and didactic games to strengthen the ‘Cero a siempre’ programs, which are part of the integral development pillar of the strategic line of institutional and community strengthening,” indicated Alvaro Daza, Senior Community Relations Supervisor at Drummond Ltd., Magdalena.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Drummond Ltd. is part of a project related to the Mundo Feliz Development Center. In 2022, the company delivered three built classrooms and a bathroom set to provide better service to children, teachers, and the community.

Phase 1 and 2 of this project included the construction of three classrooms and the enclosing wall, construction of platforms, supplies, and hydro-sanitary and electrical installations; location of the playground with synthetic grass, provision of chairs, tables, boards, educational games, furniture, air conditioners, and fans, in addition to painting the installations in general.

“We thank Drummond for this beautiful work, for putting their heart into this whole process, and their work team, we are very grateful,” said Fanny Fernandez, coordinator of the CDI Mundo Feliz.

On the other hand, Licet Prieto, mayor of Algarrobo said: “It really is a complete, integral infrastructure that gives children all the capacity to develop their interpersonal attitudes, but that also guarantees a safe infrastructure with air conditioning, with modern chairs, educational games, and an educational park that no CDI here in the region has.”

With this delivery, the boys and girls of the Child Development Center will be able to promote their cognitive, physical, and social development. For this reason, Drummond Ltd. demonstrates its commitment to generating a positive impact for its communities.