New milestone: We loaded coal in the largest bulk carrier shipment in Colombia’s history at Drummond Port

Ciénaga, February 27, 2024

*The vessel ‘Samjohn Argonaut’, during its stay at Drummond Port. With 192,500 metric tons of coal, the Newcastlemax ‘Samjohn Argonaut’, which came from Turkey and arrived in the country to collect steam coal, became the largest shipment made with dry bulk cargo on a vessel in Colombia.

The ‘Samjohn Argonaut’, which docked at Drummond’s direct loading dock this February, also became a milestone for the company as it is the vessel with the largest amount of coal it has ever loaded.

The ship, returning to Turkey, remained at Drummond Port for approximately 55 hours while loading Colombian coal from the department of Cesar.

It is worth mentioning that this load represents a record for that same vessel, being the largest amount of coal it has received and transported in its holds since its construction in 2017.

The type of ship like the ‘Samjohn Argonaut’ is characterized by having a length (Length) of 300 m, a width (Beam) of 50 meters, and a height (Depth) of 25 meters.

“It is a source of pride for Drummond’s maritime terminal to know that our Port’s infrastructure is amply equipped and capable of receiving this type of vessel, which also contributes to the growth of the country’s exports and definitely makes Colombia a more competitive destination,” said José Luis Velásquez, operations manager at Drummond Port.

At Drummond, we will continue to work for a safe and efficient operation that contributes to the country’s development through innovative, responsible, and sustainable mining, in which coal currently plays a key role worldwide in the gradual processes of energy transition.