Drummond Ltd. promotes young entrepreneurs in its area of influence in Cesar

La Loma, February 29, 2024

*Young women entrepreneurs participating in the Impulse Roundtable.

With the objective of establishing strategies and commitments to strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation capabilities, and contribute to the productive diversification of the territory, Drummond Ltd. held a Promotion Roundtable to make the business ideas of the young people who are part of the Youth Entrepreneurship School in Cesar visible.

With this “Promotion Roundtable, which is part of the strategies of our Youth Entrepreneurship School, we aim to promote economic renewal, effective transition, and the inclusion of the youth population in the economic development of the territory,” said Ever Carrillo, social responsibility coordinator for Drummond Ltd.

The Youth Entrepreneurship School is a Drummond Ltd. project operated by the Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina, Valledupar branch, which benefits 150 young entrepreneurs and 15 teachers from the municipalities of Agustín Codazzi, Becerril, La Jagua de Ibirico, El Paso, and Chiriguaná.

“With this “Promotion Roundtable” we want young people to know the entities that can financially support their ventures,” said Luis Guerra Márquez, coordinator of the Youth Entrepreneurship School.

Representatives of the mayors’ offices of the municipalities in the area of influence of Drummond Ltd.’s mining operations, officials from the Banco Agrario, and the National Learning Service SENA, and Empropaz (Productive Ventures for Peace) attended the roundtable, which was held under the slogan “A space to grow”.

“I am very grateful today for this invitation from Drummond Ltd. to present our lines of credit for entrepreneurship,” said Jackeline Olarte Carrascal, manager of the Banco Agrario office in La Jagua de Ibirico.

The young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present their business ideas and put into practice the knowledge they had acquired. They also participated in the conference “Digital Strategies with Artificial Intelligence”, given by Rubén Guerra, manager of the company Group Marketing.

“I am very grateful to be able to participate in this Impulse Roundtable because we were able to make our ventures known and it enriches us so that our business ideas continue to grow,” said Rossisela Rángel Corredor, a young entrepreneur.

n this way, Drummond Ltd. continues to demonstrate with actions its commitment to contribute to the economic diversification of the territory and the integral development of young entrepreneurs in its area of influence in Cesar.