Drummond Ltd. socialized the results of the implementation of the Environmental Management Plans 2023 for its mining projects in the municipalities of Cesar

La Loma, March 6, 2024

*Socialization of the Environmental Management Plan in Becerril, Cesar. Drummond Ltd. socialized the actions taken in the framework of the execution and implementation of the Environmental Management Plans in its three mining projects during the year 2023 with the different stakeholders. The company highlighted the active participation of the communities and local authorities of the municipalities of Agustín Codazzi, Becerril, La Jagua de Ibirico, the township of La Loma (El Paso), and Chiriguaná, in Cesar.

“For several days we have been socializing our 2023 Environmental Management Plan with communities and local authorities from the different municipalities in our area of influence, where we attended to their requests and responded to their inquiries,” explained Erica Barahona Hernández, director of environmental compensation at Drummond Ltd.

*Socializations in La Jagua de Ibirico, La Loma, Agustín Codazzi, and Chiriguaná.

During the socializations, the results of the execution of the company’s environmental commitment were shared, presenting its different programs and consolidated figures for the year 2023, which validate the work conducted to minimize, prevent, mitigate, and compensate the impacts of its operations.

“I thank Drummond for this socialization of the Environmental Management Plan they have in the mining corridors. As a community it is interesting to know how the air quality is and the other strategies that this company manages,” said Lizeth Esquivel Otero, an official of the El Paso finance secretariat.

In addition, areas such as Human Resources, Materials, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Community Relations had a space to socialize the activities they carry out for the benefit of the communities and the development of the region; employment generation, strengthening of education, contributions to the health sector, investments for improvement of roads, offer leverage to local producers and entrepreneurs, among other topics.

*Citizen Attention System (SAC)

The socialization spaces were accompanied by a fair featuring stands, where contractors that are present in the company’s mining operations were present to share what has been the evolution of their processes in the midst of the work they perform. There was also a stand of the mining company’s Citizens Attention System, a mechanism that facilitates relationships with its different stakeholders through the channels that integrate it.

“I found the socializations very interesting. Drummond showed us how it carries out its environmental and social prevention, mitigation, and compensation processes,” said Juan David Hernández Páez, Secretary of the Environment and Tourism of La Jagua de Ibirico.

At the closing of each of the socializations, a space was opened for all questions, doubts, and concerns presented by the attendees regarding issues regarding the support for social works, environmental procedures, contracting processes, among others.

“I think these socializations are excellent because we have the opportunity to expose our points of view, to exchange opinions, and improve some of the ideas that Drummond brings. We can give them some light because we are the ones who share the territory, who live in the territory, and naturally this is very important for the communities,” commented Geoberto Ruiz Martínez, from the community of La Loma.

Drummond will continue to work for mining that contributes to the development of its communities and the conservation of the environment.