Construction of the Cañahuate I Solar Park is progressing

La Loma, March 18, 2024

*Panels installed at the Cañahuate I project

Drummond Energy continues to make progress in the construction of the Cañahuate I solar farm, which consists of 114,000 high-efficiency bifacial photovoltaic solar panels with single-axis tracking technology, which allows it to follow the position of the sun and thus optimally capture the greatest amount of radiation. The project, which will have an effective capacity of 65 MWp (megawatt peak), will generate energy that will be used primarily in Drummond Ltd.’s mining operation.

The Park, located in the center of the department of Cesar, in the municipality of Chiriguaná, Los Cerrajones district, will have an area of approximately 117 hectares.

Alberto García, Country Manager for Drummond Energy, Inc., highlighted that Cañahuate is “an additional long-term commitment for Cesar and Colombia, which will support and *Panels installed at the Cañahuate I project alleviate the national energy system”. He also emphasized that this project has entailed a significant investment that demonstrates the productive diversification that the company is carrying out.

This project reduces Drummond Ltd.’s mining operations carbon footprint by 4.6% and boosts the local economy by generating more than 400 jobs for men and women living in the mining area during the construction phase.

Victor Rafael Mercado, a topography surveyor hired through Ventus (the company operating the project), said: “This project has brought me many economic and employment benefits. I want to thank Ventus and Drummond for giving me the opportunity to develop my experience here. I am a native of La Loma, Cesar, and I think it is important that they hire local labor, because in this way they contribute to the development not only of the people, but also of the family of each one of us who work here.

The start-up of the Cañahuate I Solar Park contributes to consolidate the department of Cesar as a major player in Colombia’s energy matrix.