Drummond Contributes to Fishery Development in the Communities of Don Jaca and Aeropuerto in Santa Marta


Cienaga, October 13, 2020

Representatives of the fishery associations receiving biosafety resources and gear for their work from the project’s strategic partners.

Drummond, in alliance with ACDI-VOCA, an operator in Colombia of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) programs, and the Fauna Caribe Colombiana Foundation delivered fishing gear, engines, and biosafety equipment to three fishery associations near the area of influence of the port, and more specifically in the sector of Aeropuerto and Don Jaca: COOPSERTURJACA, ASPEJACA AND ASOPESTUR.

As part of the project, “To strengthen three artisan fishery associations in Don Jaca and Aeropuerto in Santa Marta, promoting reconciliation and living together in peace,” they were given fishing gear such as lifejackets, engines, nets, buoys, GPS, flares for maritime safety, fishing equipment, identity cards, and the rules for Safety of Life at Sea.

In addition, the three communities were given biosafety equipment for protection against and prevention of COVID-19: thermometers, face masks, face shields, alcohol, bleach, gloves, and beach cleaning equipment, all of which will help approximately 45 people and their families whose livelihood is traditional fishing.

Work is also done with the communities on an additional component of psychosocial accompaniment. “This project hasn’t been merely delivering equipment and inputs, but has been complemented with a workshop component on best fishery practices, manufacturing, and fishery legislation. We also provide social support, applied not only in the arena of fishing, but also at a personal and family level, affecting all the relationships that in one way or another these fishermen experience day by day,” stated Maria Amaya, Project Coordinator at the Fauna Caribe Colombiana Foundation


For over a year, Drummond and its partners have been working together with the fishing communities in their areas of influence. They have been able to organize different concrete projects that have been identified and developed for these associations. They help the communities and families in these sectors make their work more profitable with the help of tools and equipment to optimize their work and give them the skills they need to improve yields and to obtain sustainable sources of income for their families.

John Encinales, the Environmental Project Engineer at Drummond Ltd. who has provided continual accompaniment to this project and other activities organized for the fishing communities, explained: “We have received great support from these three communities, and they have really shown an interest. Their members have attended all of the training sessions and courses offered and have actively participated in this entire process. For us this is important, because it guarantees that the support delivered is really going to be effective and meet the objectives pursued by the partner companies and by the beneficiary communities.”

After the donations were handed over, Alberto Ruiz, legal representative of Asociacion de Pescadores y Servidores Turísticos de Puerto La Loma emphasized: “The support we receive from private companies such as Drummond and from ACDI-VOCA and Fauna Caribe – support in the form of both training and fishing gear – is important, because with it we are able to earn a living.” Drummond is committed to helping these communities in the area of influence of the operations grow stronger in every way, and to support the development of projects that are long-lasting and sustainable over time.