CEER Investigators from Banco de la República highlight Drummond’s positive social and environmental impact

Within the framework of its commitment to show transparency in its processes and mining’s positive impact over its zones of influence and the country, Drummond Ltd. welcomed a group of investigators from the Regional Economic and Studies Center (CEER) from the Banco de la República, at its Pribbenow mine, located in the department of Cesar.

During the walk-through, they were able to visit the Paujil dam, a water reservoir that is part of the company’s preservation areas, in which several fauna and flora species inhabit. There, they also learned about the strategies being executed to care for water resources and air quality.

“What I take away from Drummond is all its environmental work. I was positively impressed by the environmental management they carry out at the coal mining exploration site in Cesar. Also the impact they have had, by looking at the numbers, in employment generation in the zones of influence and the social work they have conducted. I believe that Drummond has had a positive impact with corporate and environmental responsibility”, highlighted Jaime Bonet, manager for Banco de la República in Cartagena and director for the Regional Economic Studies Center.

Visitors also went to Escombrera Norte, an area that shows the company’s effective re-vegetation processes. They also visited the residual tire processing plant, operated by contractor Duramos S.A.S., where the circular economy model is promoted and strengthened by conducting mining that is environmentally sustainable.

Other zones visited where: a look-out point near the operation, where the coal exploitation processes were explained; the dispatch area from where the coal and rock loading activities are managed, controlled, and monitored; and the Food Production Center, where employees are offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Once the run-through was completed, information was presented by the different area leaders, who socialized the programs being developed as part of Drummond’s social and environmental commitment.

“I was surprised with the visit to the mine. One generally has a very different view out there when you don’t know the reality about how things work, especially in aspects related to environmental management and the impact it has not only over the country’s economy, but the social aspect in general with the communities”, noted Javier Pérez, main investigator for the Cartagena Regional Economic Study Center Cartagena.

For Drummond, the objective of the visits to the operations is to continue offering the world a message of responsible mining.