Drummond opens a new call for a postgraduate scholarship addressed to a journalist from his area of influence at Cesar

With the objective of promoting social and educational development in its area of influence, Drummond Ltd., in collaboration with the Circle of Journalists of Valledupar (CPV), will award a new Scholarship for a journalist from the department of Cesar. This is the seventh version of the Communications Scholarship Program. In this 2023 the call is officially open so that native journalists or residents of Cesar can register.

Those interested in participating will have from the date until June 2, 2023 to submit the required data, together with the registration application in a sealed envelope directly at the Drummond offices in Valledupar (Calle 12 No. 8 – 42, Ofic. 303 and 304, Edificio Orbe Plaza), identified with the subject Beca de Comunicaciones Drummond Ltd. In the same way, the complete and duly completed documentation can be sent to the email: comunicacionesdrummond@drummondltd.com

Below we list the requirements for participating in this call, which are defined in the Terms of Reference of the scholarship program:

  • Be a native of Cesar or demonstrate that you have lived for more than 10 years in this department.
    *Some of the Drummond Ltd. Communications Scholarship winners
    Press release
  • Possession of an undergraduate degree in Social Communication from an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education.
  • Employed by a communication medium or working as journalist or communicator, accrediting a minimum of five (5) years of experience.
  • Submission of their résumé and a letter of justification (a maximum of two pages) setting out their history, personal interests and desire to increase their academic training, also attaching two academic and/or professional letters of reference.
  • Presentation of copies (audio, video or print) of four press items produced and published less than one year previously.
  • It should be underlined that if any of the participants present the requested documents and press items in an incomplete form and do not meet all of the above-mentioned requirements they shall be excluded from participation in the call.

Once the process closes, the applications will be evaluated and selected. There will also be an interview of the participating applicants who have advanced and reached the final stage of the selection process.

Lastly, the timing of the various stages of the process will be informed to the applicants and the name of the winner of the scholarship will be announced by way of a press release.

Among the winners of the previous versions, and those who have already made their scholarship, are Carlos Jiménez Saucedo and Humberto Carrillo Mindiola, graduates with a postgraduate degree in Strategic Communication from the Sergio Arboleda University in Santa Marta; together with Arnold Murillo Rincón and Aquiles Hernández, who completed their postgraduate studies in Senior Management and Organizational Communication at the Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina and the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, respectively. Currently, the winner of the 2021 version, Daniela Cárdenas, is in the final part of her postgraduate studies at the Sergio Arboleda University; while Wendy Peralta, winner of the previous year, is about to start her specialization.

In the context of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that foster the educational and social development of communities, Drummond Ltd continues to stand out as a company that promotes social responsibility policies through its communication scholarships program, facilitating access to education for prominent journalists of the Cesar region.