Save the date: Meetings about Drummond’s Environmental Management Plan are once again in person

After two years of virtual meetings, Drummond Ltd. announced that its meetings to share information about its Environmental Management Plan will once again be held face-to-face.

This year, starting on March 7, the company will share information with the local communities and authorities from the towns in the area of influence about its activities and achievements during the year 2022 to execute management plans and monitor mining projects.

The following are the dates and places for the meetings:

  • March 7, at Comfacesar in Agustin Codazzi.
  • March 8, at the Trujillo School in Becerril.
  • March 9, at the Jose Guillermo Castro School in La Jagua de Ibirico.
  • March 14, at the Benito Ramos Trespalacios School in La Loma.
  • March 15, at Villa Olimpica in Chiriguana.

The meetings will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

The information shared will highlight the results of the company’s different programs, such as air and water quality monitoring, protection of plants and wildlife, conservation areas, the revegetation process, and the recovery of areas intervened.

“We take advantage of these arenas to show what we are doing as part of our commitment to the communities in the company’s areas of influence, in addition to the environmental and social objectives met during the year 2022,” explained Juan Carlos Pineda, Lead Supervisor of Regulatory Affairs in Drummond’s Environmental Department.

In addition to the environmental area of the company, other areas such as corporate social responsibility, community relations, human resources, and materials will also be sharing results.

Drummond will continue to comply with the obligations established in its environmental licenses and organize arenas for building trust with its communities.