In February, Drummond received students from the Universidad Sergio Arboleda and Infotep at its mining operations

With the objective of contributing to the growth and development of the country’s future professionals, in the month of February Drummond Ltd received students from the Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Santa Marta campus, and the Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnica Profesional (Infotep), San Juan del Cesar campus in La Guajira, at its mining operations located in the department of Cesar.

“For us it is important show our key audiences the activities that we carry out in the various areas of the company – especially from the Engineering, Environmental, Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Departments, among others. We give them theoretical explanations of the procedures that we carry out and subsequently we visit diverse project sites for the visitors to corroborate what was explained in the various presentations,” said Leonardo Armenta Alonso, community relations coordinator of Drummond.

During the tours, the visitors heard talks about the various processes led by the company in the operational, environmental and social areas.

After this, they took a tour that included a lookout over one of the company’s conservation areas, the Paujil reservoir, which hosts hundreds of species of fauna and flora that are protected by the mining company, and a lookout over the operation, where they were able to clear up their questions about the extraction and exploitation of coal.

“To me, this experience was enriching because I was able to get to know the step-by-step activity of the processes carried out by this company and, above all, to understand that they work very carefully and their principal pillar is protection of the environment,” noted Mateo Torres, an industrial engineering student from the Universidad Sergio Arboleda.

This experience contributed to the enrichment and learning of each of the students, strengthening their knowledge.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity Drummond Ltd gave us to come and visit, and for the students to become acquainted with the practical aspect of the profession. It is really a fundamental support for the academic aspect,” said Lizeth Rincón, a teacher in the environmental management program of Infotep.

With these activities, Drummond will continue to contribute to the creation of spaces that contribute to the education of the country’s future professionals, thus ratifying its commitment to Colombia’s education and development.