Drummond Ltd. contributes to the conservation of endangered species: the blue-billed curassow is one of them


La Loma, May 5, 2022

Drummond Ltd. continues to join efforts for the care and conservation of the existing fauna and flora within our operational areas. The company leads a conservation process for the blue-billed curassow (Crax alberti), which is a bird endemic to Colombia that is in critical danger of extinction due to the loss of its habitat and intensive hunting, and is even listed as one of the the most endangered guans globally.

Through environmental monitoring, the company has identified 12 groups within the properties of our mining operations, located in the department of Cesar.

“After the identification of these 12 groups that add up to approximately 120 birds, the possibility of the entry of birds from other areas was raised, in order to increase the genetic variability in these populations and thus the species can endure over time. ”, said Armando Calvano Zúñiga, manager of Biodiversity and Environmental Compensation at Drummond Ltd.

What is being done?

The company has carried out studies to identify the biological requirements of the species, and from these restoration and conservation strategies have been developed in order to provide them with an optimal space for multiplication, conservation and adaptation. Likewise, Drummond has created a micro-habitat within our forest nursery, where four birds, among which are two males and two females, will be able to begin to reproduce.

The birds were donated by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cesar (Corpocesar), which reaffirms its trust in Drummond to carry out the processes of reproduction, protection and conservation of the blue-billed curassow, since we have the resources to serve them and conservation areas large enough for its sustainability.

The blue-billed curassow plays an important role in the ecosystems it inhabits, as it contributes to plant regeneration processes as it is a seed-dispersing bird. In addition to this, it has the ability to perceive predators and emit a sound that alerts other animals of any dangerous situation in which they may find themselves.

Its presence in this area denotes important progress in the recovery of the ecosystems that are part of Drummond’s operations, since this species is quite demanding in terms of habitat quality and its population increase in the area has been linked to development of conservation and restoration processes that are being carried out by the company over several years.

“Drummond has dedicated ourselves to the study of the blue-billed curassow, since it is a species that inhabits tropical dry forests and its conservation is made more complex by living in environments conducive to human intervention. This is why knowing and recognizing the requirements of these birds is vital for increasing their populations and conserving their habitat”, added Armando Calvano.

Through our Environmental Performance pillar, included in our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, Drummond reaffirms its commitment to creating spaces within our operations conducive to sustainability, conservation and to the protection of wildlife.